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Mold found in Garage and Office in San Diego, CA

The resident had plans to rent out their home, but the mold had to go first. This particular home had suffered water loss and overtime mold continued to grow an... READ MORE

Groundwater Damage

SERVPRO of San Diego East had the privilege of servicing a well-known business in San Diego, CA. Their commercial building had groundwater run under their doors... READ MORE

Lamp Spark in San Diego, CA

Electricity is something we don’t typically worry about starting a fire. But it was not the case for this resident’s home. On a late night the resid... READ MORE

Water Leak in San Diego, CA

A small water damage caused by a pipe leak causes mold to spread throughout the cabinets. The resident of this home thought they needed to get their sink pipe f... READ MORE

Small Kitchen Fire Uncovers more than just Ashes in San Diego, CA

A small kitchen fire uncovers much more losses. The resident of this home lost track of time. When they realized they had set a pot on the stove smoke was every... READ MORE

Storm Damage in San Diego, CA

This building experienced severe loss due to maintenance of the infrastructure. A mild storm put the facilities to the ultimate test and many ceiling tiles came... READ MORE

Furniture Store Standing Water in San Diego, CA

This particular furniture store had multiple water leaks coming from the roof. During the time of this job it has been raining heavily in San Diego, CA. Many of... READ MORE

Backup Sewage in San Diego, CA

Sewage backup never brings a pleasant smell and is definitely not a safe environment to be in. This incident occurred in San Diego, CA in the second story bathr... READ MORE

Upper Level Leak Causes Disaster Down Below

SERVPRO of San Diego East had the privilege to serve a store selling international merchandise. Unfortunately for the store owners they came to a mess when arri... READ MORE

Pipe Leaks Cause Huge Water Spill in San Diego, CA

This building is shared among multiple businesses. It was important that our team worked fast and diligently. During the late night the second floor restroom ha... READ MORE