Recent Before & After Photos

Mild Flood Caused by Screen Door Being Left Open

This mild flood was caused by the screen door being left open by the homeowners toddler. After many hours of long rain our customer came home to a damp floor. F... READ MORE

Unexpected Water in San Diego, CA

Sunny San Diego is known as the finest city in the United States. Thunder storms are not a worry for the people of San Diego. Your typical southern California h... READ MORE

Proper Fire Remediation

This fire was caused due to a malfunctioning ceiling fan. The fan had a spark which caused the wiring to catch fire, which lead to the ceiling panels lighting o... READ MORE

Detailed Fire Clean Up!

This Sprint store had a small fire, which started in their restroom, thankfully it stayed within the restroom and did not spread throughout the store. Soot and ... READ MORE

Soot covered mirror

This is the mirror of a restroom that caught on fire, due to a malfunction in a vent fan. The fan caught on fire and began to spread throughout the bathroom, be... READ MORE

Fire at Sprint

This Sprint store had a small fire in the restroom. The fire was caused by a fan malfunction, which caused the fan in the ceiling vent to spark and light the ce... READ MORE

Heavy water damage

This government building had some external water enter the corridor behind some locker rooms, which led to flooding and water entering the lockers and restrooms... READ MORE

Rain Damage

This customers kitchen sink was damaged due to rain entering the window above the kitchen sink. The damaged went unnoticed until the customer open the cabinet d... READ MORE

CAT 3 Loss

This customer had a large toilet back up which unfortunately led to what is called a category 3 loss. A category 3 loss is classified category 3 because it is g... READ MORE

Loyal to our customers

Our goal at SERVPRO of San Diego East is to always be loyal to our customers, by gaining the respect and trust of our customers our team can work hard knowing t... READ MORE