Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Damage in San Diego, CA

This building experienced severe loss due to maintenance of the infrastructure. A mild storm put the facilities to the ultimate test and many ceiling tiles cam ... READ MORE

Furniture Store Standing Water in San Diego, CA

This particular store had multiple water leaks coming in through the roof due to current rain showers in San Diego, CA. Many of their rugs, bedding, and furnitu... READ MORE

Backup Sewage in San Diego, CA

This water related damage in San Diego, CA was due to sewage backup in the second story bathroom. It caused major leaks within the locker rooms and slightly mov... READ MORE

Upper Level Leak Causes Disaster Down Below

SERVPRO of San Diego East had the privilege to serve a store selling international merchandise. Unfortunately for the store owners they came to a mess when arri... READ MORE

Pipe Leaks Cause Huge Water Spill in San Diego, CA

This building is shared among many businesses. During the late of night the second floor restroom had a pipeline burst causing water damage around the nearby of... READ MORE

Sink Pipe Causes Major Water Damage to Office Building

SERVPRO of San Diego East had the privilege to repair a three storey office building that held multiple businesses. The water damage began on the top floor and ... READ MORE

Pipe Breaking Causes Mold Breakout

The facility is a banquet hall, and often times it was a challenge to find time to get the work done due to the property having to stay open for business. The f... READ MORE

Mild Flood Caused by Screen Door Being Left Open

This mild flood was caused by the screen door being left open by the homeowners toddler. After many hours of long rain our customer came home to a damp floor. F... READ MORE

Unexpected Water in San Diego, CA

Sunny San Diego is known as the finest city in the United States. Thunder storms are not a worry for the people of San Diego. Your typical southern California h... READ MORE

Proper Fire Remediation

This fire was caused due to a malfunctioning ceiling fan. The fan had a spark which caused the wiring to catch fire, which lead to the ceiling panels lighting o... READ MORE