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Water Conservation Upgrades

8/27/2022 (Permalink)

Water conservation can make a big difference in your building's profitability. Upgrading your commercial property in Grantville, CA, to prevent leaks and minimize waste is an excellent investment. You'll help the environment and your bottom line while preventing expensive water damage.

Common Water Issues

Irrigation Mismanagement
Aging Appliances
Wasteful Fixtures

Rethink Your Irrigation
Irrigation is necessary to maintain your landscape, but it's also where you are probably wasting the most water. Here are some tips to help you conserve.

1. Maintain your irrigation system properly. This means inspecting it for leaks from cracks, worn fittings or washers, and poor connections. Water damage restoration experts agree that repairing water problems in a timely fashion is much less costly than repairing your building after a flood.

2. Only water when necessary. Over-watering is one of the simplest water issues to solve. Put in a sensor to prevent watering when the ground is moist or the weather is wet. Experiment with watering less often or for less time.

3. Select lower-maintenance plants. Drought-tolerant native plants require very little water and will thrive year after year.

Replace Older Appliances
It's not cost-effective to run out and purchase new appliances solely to conserve water. However, when it's time to replace that old dishwasher or washing machine, select replacements with energy use and water consumption in mind.

Select Efficient Fixtures
Consider touch-free faucets for an excellent water upgrade. While they do cost more upfront, you will eliminate one of the worst water issues: taps left running.
Swap the flush valves in your toilets. You may be using up to 5 gallons per flush. New valves use about 25% of that.
Update your aerators. This is a very cost-effective improvement and can save about half of the water used for washing hands.
Conserving water saves money. Maintaining equipment prevents water seepage and flood damage. Take control of the water usage in your building to improve your profitability and keep your property running efficiently.

Simplify Fire Restoration with SERVPRO

8/22/2022 (Permalink)

Man cleaning soot from ceiling A local team is always ready to help you regain your pre-fire home

Fire Restoration Process

How do you pick up the pieces after a fire in your Allied Gardens, CA, residence? It's important to start restoration work immediately to prevent further damage or irreversible odors. Quickly resolve damage and cleanup problems by calling SERVPRO, the leading expert in fire mitigation and restoration. A local team is always ready to help you regain your pre-fire home. Here are the main steps in the fire restoration process.

1. Phone Consultation
We're available 24/7 for you to contact us about fire damage restoration. An expert will ask you questions to assess the situation and determine what resources they will need to help you.

2. In-Person Inspection
A SERVPRO team member will arrive on-site to assess the damage to your residence and create a fire rebuild plan.

3. Initial Fire Restoration Measures
If your residence's structural integrity is damaged, SERVPRO will install tarps and boards to protect against weather, animals and intruders. This procedure also gives technicians more time to survey damaged areas before starting repairs.

4. Water and Smoke Damage Removal
The next step of the fire damage restoration process involves drying any water-damaged structures and belongings. Technicians also detoxify your residence by removing soot and smoke from contaminated surfaces such as floors and ceilings.

5. Cleaning and Deodorizing
SERVPRO thoroughly cleans and deodorizes the residence and any damaged possessions before proceeding to more in-depth repair work.

6. Rebuilding Services
The last stages in fire damage restoration are rebuilding and refurbishing. Minor repairs may include painting, the installation of new fixtures and other surface-level improvements. Some restoration projects may require major reconstruction of entire rooms or sections of the residence.
Recovering from a residential fire doesn't have to be overwhelming. Simplify fire restoration by coordinating with your local emergency services. SERVPRO will quickly and efficiently help return your residence to its pre-fire state.

4 Ways SERVPRO Helps Expedite Insurance Claims

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

Technician removing wooden frame, walls covered with mold (bathroom area) Disaster restoration experts in Lake Murray, CA.

Four Ways SERVPRO Helps Expedite Insurance Claims

In the aftermath of a commercial disaster, your company in Lake Murray, CA, is looking for solutions. This includes a fast cleanup and restoration, as well as efficient handling of insurance claims with an established process for claim services. This ensures your insurance company gets the documentation it needs to fully understand damage estimates and repair costs. Through several actions, a professional damage mitigation team makes sure claims are processed quickly and accurately.

1. Digital Documentation
Handwritten information from multiple contractors will slow down the settlement of claims. With SERVPRO, a preferred vendor for many U.S. insurance companies, the information will be passed onto the right department or person in an easy-to-read and accessible digital format. This will include digital photos to clarify services.

2. One Contractor
While you can deal with multiple companies to clean up and repair storm, water, or fire damage, that is seldom the best path. You could be dealing with different claim services that use unique methods, making things more laborious on your end. Dealing with a single, reputable restoration company streamlines the entire process, from beginning to end.

3. A Fast Emergency Response
It helps when restoration services begin immediately after a disaster. This leads to a quicker recovery and it reduces costs and damages. It will also result in fewer layers of documentation and paperwork for the insurance adjuster.

4. A Dedicated Team
Some companies place the onus of insurance paperwork in the hands of inexperienced workers. For best results, a project manager should handle all communications between the insurance company and the client. This eliminates confusion and the need for constant clarification on important matters. This approach also makes sure insurance details do not get lost or take a back seat to other issues.
A proven process for claim services makes sure your company receives the reimbursements it deserves. It also helps insurance workers meet the expectations of their clients.

3 Advantages of Using Professional Storm Services

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

Technician setting up drying equipment in an office Water damage in Del Cerro, CA.

Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Storm Service

Hurricanes, typhoons, heavy gusts, tornadoes, snowstorms, flooding and other weather-related disasters in Del Cerro, CA, have the potential to cause severe structural damage and create big messes. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, reports that between 1980 and 2020, the U.S. has experienced 285 such incidents where costs hit or exceeded $1 billion. The combined total expense of storm restoration, storm response and repairs for these events is over $1.875 trillion.
Insurance companies provide much of the funds required for fixing flood damage and other harm done to commercial properties. It is advantageous for them to employ the services of a professional storm company for multiple reasons.

1. Faster Response

Situations needing storm restoration generally worsen as time passes. Water damage especially tends to spread, promoting mold growth and rendering certain items irreparable as they become saturated. Drywall, carpeting and other building materials often have to be thrown away in the wake of a deluge but may sometimes be preserved if swift action is taken. A faster response results in numerous benefits, including:

  • More possessions can be salvaged
  • The advance of damage is slowed or halted
  • Cleaning costs are lower
  • Restoration costs are lower

2. Quality Service

Professionals are trained to provide quality aid. They are capable of identifying existing issues, assessing the extent of the damage and prioritizing what needs to be done. They know the best methods for drying, sanitization and restoration.

3. Resource Availability

Storm response services also possess the necessary resources to get the task done. There are teams of experienced experts ready to mobilize at any given moment. They also have the tools needed to effectively perform their tasks readily at hand.
Having a storm restoration business on call also speeds up the claims and restoration process. Professional teams can help owners create itemized lists of needed replacements and repairs and evaluate and record damage. They also mitigate the impact of disasters.

What To Look For When Choosing a Restoration Company

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

Workers of a restoration company working in a home The SERVPRO San Diego East team is setting up for containment after a massive water leak. If your home suffers water damage, call us!

When It Comes To Choosing A Restoration Company, There Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind.

When a homeowner’s house in Santee, CA becomes damaged as a result of a flood, storm or fire, choosing a company to assist in the restoration process can be difficult. There are several factors to consider that can help homeowners find a company that’s Faster to Any Size Disaster.

1. Experience

After a disaster, damage to a home can be extensive and multifaceted. For example, water damage can also result in mold growth, and fires can make an area more prone to flooding. Though some companies specialize in certain types of disaster responses, it’s generally wise to choose a company that knows how to handle a myriad of issues. An experienced restoration company can also assist homeowners with their insurance claim and can answer questions.

2. A Quick Response

After a home becomes damaged, it’s often important for the restoration process to begin as quickly as possible. The longer it takes for restoration to begin, the more likely it is that the amount of damage will increase, meaning the cost and time it will take to complete restoration can drastically increase. A restoration company that is locally owned will respond Faster to Any Size Disaster, whereas a company that is not local will be more likely to have a slower response.

3. Access to the Right Tools and Equipment

When it comes to restoring a home, it’s often important that a restoration company can quickly access the tools and equipment necessary. When specialized equipment is needed to restore a home, waiting to equipment to arrive can bring the process to a grinding halt. However, a local business that is part of a franchise will have access to a myriad of helpful equipment and can also get the equipment to damaged homes in a timely manner.

Experience, response time and access to the best tools and equipment are important factors to consider when choosing a restoration company. Ultimately, a restoration company that is Faster to Any Size Disaster can improve the process for everyone involved.

What Documents Do You Need for a Commercial Fire Damage Claim?

1/18/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Claim Process

Experiencing a fire at your office building in College East, CA, can be taxing on you and your business. Filing an insurance claim after the incident may also seem like a daunting task without the right guidance. However, you can help your fire claim process smoothly by keeping documentation of the following items.

1. Evidence of Damage

Having proof of the fire damage is crucial when filing a claim. If it is possible, request a report of the fire from the police or fire department. Make sure that you have photographs of all the damaged areas and items. It is also handy to have pictures of the property before the damage occurred so that the insurance company can make a comparison of the property before and after the fire. Fire restoration service personnel may also assist in photographing the damage before cleaning up and restoring the space.

2. Temporary Repairs

If you must wait for an insurance adjuster to inspect the damage first before processing your claim, you should prevent the property from getting further damaged in the meantime. This may involve storing equipment in a safer area, boarding up windows and putting tarp over exposed areas. Remember to keep the receipts of any purchases made for these temporary repairs, as you may get reimbursed for them through your fire claim.

3. Business Value and Income

Submit copies of any records that show the value of your property, inventory and equipment, such as receipts and financial statements. For business income coverage claims, include all financial documents that prove your projected net income before and after the fire. The insurer will use the information to determine whether there was a loss of income due to fire damage and may compensate you accordingly.

Having insurance can help your business recover faster after a fire. When submitting a fire claim, the more documentation you have, the better your chances are at getting a fair amount of coverage for your repairs or income loss.