Commercial Photo Gallery

Ceiling destroyed from mold and water damage

Beautiful Disaster

Due to a restroom leak on the top floor the ceiling of this store needs water and mold damage repairs. The store has many ornaments and SERVPRO of San Diego East had to be very cautious while working on this project. Know that you can trust us with your valuables.

SERVPRO San Diego East crew member happily working

Great Attitude Always Equates Great Service

Our SERVPRO San Diego East team member is happily working with a positive attitude under small constraints. We are not in control of the spaces that we help restore, but our attitudes are something we are always in control of. Here we are helping a commercial building with multiple small rooms.

2x4 affected by termites.

Termites on commercial job!

This commercial job needed extra attention, after our technicians found the frames where riddled by termites. 

Our technicians took the proper steps to make sure the 2x4 was treated, they can now move on and continue the demolition process. 

Our senior technician using equipment properly

Handling Commercial Losses In San Diego

SERVPRO of San Diego East takes large commercial losses and the safety involved in them very seriously. As you can see here, our senior technician is using his safety equipment properly, during a large commercial loss.

One of our vehicles ready for action

Apartments and Condominiums

SERVPRO of San Diego East works closely with apartment managers and HOA's to ensure that if there is a loss in an apartment or condo complex, there are not more losses than needed!

Our technicians loading a customers belongings after a flood

Commercial flood

This flood happened at a commercial apartment complex, where a sprinkler system had burst on the third floor and seeped down to the first floor, our team was one the scene just in time to handle the situation appropriately.