Storm Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO of San Diego East team packing out after a storm

Our Production Team Packing Out After a Storm

When a storm has hit your house the first thing you want is for things to get fixed - you want your life back. Packing out can feel like a pointless task; but it's very crucial. Packing out is meant to prevent your belongings from further being damaged. It's one step closer to the fix. 

SERVPRO San Diego East production member getting equipment ready

Equipment Ready Equals Storm Ready

SERVPRO of San Diego East is prepared for all kinds of weather. There has been many occurrences of fire in San Diego, CA. But this week we are expecting two days of rain. Make sure to call us if you experience any weather trouble.

Neon sign that says "Call Now."

SERVPRO DRT! Roll out!

The DRT, Disaster Recovery Team, is always ready to roll out when disaster is ready to strike. SERVPRO wants to stay 10 steps ahead of any natural disaster, whether that be fire or storm. We are ready!

Strong winds blowing against palms trees.

We are here for you!

SERVPRO has it's very own Storm Disaster Team that is ready to help you! With Hurricane Dorian approaching the Florida coast, residents are preparing for the worst. And so are we. We are here for you!

Doppler Radar image of a storm hitting California

Storm Watch

San Diego is expecting some thunderstorms in the East County area this month! Be sure you stay safe while outdoors. Remember who to call if you ever have any storm or water damage! 

SERVPRO of San Diego East - 619-280-2377 

The Ocean Beach Pier being washed away

Ocean Beach Pier

One of San Diego's piers, Ocean Beach pier. damaged due to storm waves. The ocean is dangerous, but when a storm comes around, it can be deadly. Just earlier this year this pier was rebuilt and reopened!