Water Damage Photo Gallery

technician setting up containment from water damage

Water Damage, San Diego, CA | SERVPRO San Diego East

Our Technician Andrew is setting up containment inside a home that experienced water damage from the heavy rainstorms. Containments are important to isolate areas from being further affected or to separate affected areas from the rest of the home.

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male production manager smiling after a muck out job

Crawling in Sewage

This is what techs looks like after a muck out job - not pretty. A muck out job sometimes requires going into a crawl space that is wet from sewage or rain water. Like our production manager says “a muck out job always comes with a dead rat.” Shout out to all of our brave technicians for taking on these jobs.

SERVPRO of San Diego East technician outside in the rain.

Rainy, Rainy Days

Even though San Diego county and many other cities in California are practicing social distancing, SERVPRO of San Diego East is still available for any services you may need. San Diego has been experiencing heavy rain if you have been impacted by this give us a call for an inspection.

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SERVPRO of San Diego East Team getting the truck prepared for water damge

Flood Ready

Starting on a water damage loss job begins with our traveling cargo. Since the production technicians are always moving around the San Diego, CA area it is important to be prepared for what is to come. In our vans we make sure to have be ready for any flood nearby as well as equipment to extract water to be ready for our customers.

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servpro of san diego east technician demolishing bathroom

Fun Demo Day

This residence located in San Diego, CA had a huge leak coming from the upper levels of the home. Once the home is dried up it is then time for demo day. The production techs sure had fun on this demo day.

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Production Technician monitoring moisture on a wall

Moisture monitoring - the key to successful drying

SERVPRO of San Diego East Production Technician Isaac monitoring the walls to a home. Good news, it's almost dry - which means the tenant can finally go back to normal living.

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Estimator of water damage restoration on site for a job

SERVPRO of San Diego East estimator out on a Large Job

SERVPRO of San Diego East's estimator Sean looking at the loss associated with the water damage. This was a huge undertaking as many people and companies within the water damage restoration industry were involved.

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Crew member packing back items.

Crew member packing back items.

Our File Coordinator took the day off to help pack back items after a water line burst in a community center. The reason SERVPRO of San Diego East packs out items is to ensure there is no further damage to them.

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Water damage restoration holiday party

The Holidays Bring out The Best Cheer

Owner and Production Manager Warren Conner (in the middle) ready to go tackle all the water damage repairs along with his team Vivian and Samson. SERVPRO of San Diego East is committed in providing 24/7 service. That means you get to rest while we do the work.


Production team member packing away belongings

Production Team Packing Out Commercial Business

With every flood, comes a flood of emotions. And when it’s your home, your business, or your belongings that become damaged, you don’t just want things clean. You want your life back, as well.

SERVPRO San Diego East team setting up for containment

SERVPRO San Diego East Setting Up for Containment

The SERVPRO San Diego East team is setting up for containment after a massive water leak. This is a preventative procedure in order to avoid dust or residue from entering other rooms.

A restroom with a very wet floor

Flooded Bathroom

SERVPRO of San Diego East was called out to this home when the bathroom flooded. Our team did the proper mitigation and tore out the floor to insure everything dried properly!

SERVPRO vehicles getting a tan in the San Diego sun

Beach Side Job

No matter the type of loss, SERVPRO of San Diego East wants to be there for you, regardless of the area you live! But if you happen to live on the beach, that is a bonus for our technicians! 

SERVPRO vehicles waiting to unload equipment

Commercial Water Remediation

SERVPRO San Diego East was first on the scene when the dentistry in the middle had a fire sprinkler malfunction.

The water had spread to the surrounding businesses. SERVPRO of San Diego East was able to handle the remediation before further damage occurred.  

Our senior technician taping off an affected carpeted area

Mission Gorge, San Diego Water Damage

This water damage is from an apartment complex in the Mission Gorge area.

Our customer's toilet tank had broken while she was at work, 4 hours later she decided to take a look at her pet-cam and noticed water in her living room floor.

This photo is not from the customer's apartment but from her neighbor's apartment complex, the water had gone through the dry wall and wet her neighbor's room. 

SERVPRO of San Diego East is now removing all the moisture from the customers apartment and her three neighbor's apartments as well! There is no job to big for SERVPRO of San Diego East.

If you need water extraction, mitigation and restoration from the damages...call SERVPRO of San Diego East! (619) 280-2377