Fire Damage Photo Gallery

A melted piece of metal fencing, burned from a small explosion.

The power of heat!

Fire is hot, the heat that it creates can burn and warp even the most powerful materials. This is a photo of the front of a gate that was burned from a small explosion. Metal can melt from 900 - 1500 degrees.  

Burnt files and photos

Damaged files from fire!

Fires are some of the worst disasters that can happen to us, it is almost impossible to salvage items from a fire, which means things like photos, birth certificates and important documents must be stored away well.

Unfortunately this customer did not take the proper step to store their documents. 

The local San Diego fire department putting out a brush fire.

Fire Season

Fire season is almost over, but that doesn't mean you should not prepare for one! Be sure to carry the proper items if you ever are evacuated due to a large brush or forest fire!

Our Production Manager cleaning up soot

Kitchen fire? No problem!

This customer had some tortillas catch on fire, which set her kitchen up in flames! Thankfully this customer, and her family, where all safe and our team showed up to remove the odor and soot!